Outdoor Lighting: Where Should You Start?

If your home or business lacks any type of outdoor lighting scheme, you may be struggling with how to start the process. Outdoor lighting can be installed in so many different ways based on your vision and specific needs, so it’s wise to hire a professional Tampa outdoor lighting company to evaluate the exterior of your home, recommend the best lighting techniques, and install everything with expert hands.  

An Illuminated Entranceway

Your entranceway is, literally, the door to your home, so you want it to make a clear statement of an open, welcome atmosphere. Otherwise, your guests will stand in the dark while they wait for you to answer the door, and you’ll peer out the window to see nothing at all. Outdoor lighting around an entranceway should remain gentle so visitors don’t feel like they are being interrogated with a spotlight, so avoid any fluorescent overheads. Instead, your landscape design company in Tampa can give you tips on the best subtle uplighting techniques that fit your home’s specific architecture.

Start with the Stairs

Any home with stairs outside automatically looks regal, and the right outdoor lighting can emphasize this focal point for an even more attractive look. But lighting your stairs goes beyond curb appeal and also helps to keep you and your guests safe at night. Try lining each step with LED lights; this will create a beautiful appearance while also helping visitors to safely navigate the area.

Give Ambiance To Your Walkways

Once the entrance and stairs are lit, turn your attention to your walkways. Have you ever passed a home at night and simply stared in awe? Chances are, that house had professionally installed outdoor lighting that strategically highlighted certain elements of the house to bring out its beauty at night. Walkway lighting is a reliable way to do that to your own home. You can use ground lights, staggered luminaries, or other pathway lights to illuminate the path to your door.

By accomplishing all of these ideas–and more!–with the help of an experienced outdoor lighting company, you can enjoy all of the beauty without worrying about the work!

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Tricks to Keep Your Pet Cool in Hot Weather

The summer is an incredible season that we can thank for lazy days at the beach, melting ice cream cones, and ferris wheel rides. But summer also brings with it the hot, humid weather that can be so dangerous for children and the elderly. It’s important to remember that your pet is also sensitive to the heat and needs to be cared for accordingly.

Why Pets Get Overheated
Dogs and cats are susceptible to hyperthermia says Katherine Gene, a Tampa vetrinarian. Hyperthermia which occurs when the environment provides too much heat for the body to process. Dogs with sensitive respiratory tracts, like bulldogs, can’t efficiently remove heat by panting, and the process ultimately creates more heat that can lead to heat stroke. Overheated pets start to pant heavily with increased heart rate and drooling. These tips can help you prevent your pet from becoming uncomfortably hot so that he can enjoy the sun!

Use Outdoor Time Strategically
When the thermostat shows high temperatures, limit your pet’s outdoor play time to early morning and late afternoon or evening. With the sun lower in the sky and less intense, the heat won’t impact your dog so much and he can stay safe. Since asphalt gets so hot, it can burn your dog’s paws, so stay on the grass when possible. Of course, carry water to prevent dehydration!

Shade Instead of Fans
Humans rely on fans during uncomfortable summer weather, but pets don’t respond to fans the same way since they sweat through their feet. Instead of counting on a fan to keep your pet nice and cool, provide enough shade, cold water, and even cold surfaces like tile for your dog or cat to curl up on.

Try a Body Cooling Wrap
There are some really neat pieces of clothing available for dogs that can soak in cold water to cool your dog down without actually getting him wet. If you live in climate where hot temperatures dominate, this could be a great investment.

It only takes a few tricks to make sure that your dog or cat is never suffering from summer temperatures. If your animal is suffering, visit our Tampa vet clinic today.

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Helpful Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer, and all of the heat it brings to southern states, is right around the corner. If you are a homeowner, that means you are finishing up your spring lawn care routines that set the stage for healthy grass, and you’re beginning to prepare for the careful upkeep of your grass required to avoid a brown, lifeless lawn by July. It does take more than just mowing to ensure your grass remains vibrant, and these tips can help you. Or, you can call a local Tampa lawn care service company to help.

summer lawn care

Reminders About Grass in the Summer
The heat of summer places enormous stress on grass, as do all of those picnics you’re bound to throw and homemade waterslides your kids are likely to enjoy in the backyard. Turf grass will naturally want to hibernate until summer has passed, especially cool weather grass that prefers temperatures in the 60s and 70s. This makes it all the more important to understand how your grass thrives and which pampering methods will provide true results.

Water Well
You can’t simply stick a sprinkler in your yard, run a few errands, and come home to turn the water off. Watering during the summer requires a bit more craft. Make sure your grass receives one inch of water per week, and more during heatwaves. Rather than guessing on the amount, purchase a rain gauge to track water from both rainfall and sprinkler systems.

It’s better to water deeply, but less frequently, so your grass will develop roots tolerant to droughts, especially in hot climates. All watering should occur in the morning, to give the water time to evaporate. Grass watered at night accumulates moisture that often leads to the growth of fungus. Not exactly what you’re looking for!

Mow with Purpose
Just like watering, mowing needs to be strategic. Don’t cut your grass as short in the summer, since longer grass can stave off drought more efficiently, grow roots down deep, and prevent weeds from springing up. You can even mulch your grass clippings to keep consistent grass moisture levels.

If you’re struggling with your lawn and unsure how to keep it healthy through the summer, contact a professional lawn and Tampa pest control company to help guide you through the process.

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The Importance of an Insulated Water Heater

If you have $30 and an hour to spare, you can complete a very simple project that will save you money every year, conserve your household energy use, and lighten your family’s burden on the environment. How can you say no?

Insulating your hot water heater is the perfect way to save time and money, especially because it is such an easy process! You wouldn’t buy a house without insulated walls; your water heater should be no different.

About Water Heaters

Water heaters look like big metal cylinders and are usually found in basements or laundry rooms. Chances are you either have a tank-type or tankless water heater. If you’re not sure, call your local Tarpon Springs plumber. Tank-type water heaters are either electric or fuel powered, and the energy source serves to heat the water that will be sent through the pipes in your home to reach your kitchen sink or shower.  Rather than heating water in a storage tank like regular hot water heaters do, a tankless heater warms the water directly before use. When the hot water tap is turned, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit to be heated by either a gas burner or an electric element. This means that you essentially can’t run out of hot water!

Why Insulating Matters

One simple insulation jacket can reduce heat loss from your water tank by anywhere from 25 percent to 45 percent! That’s up to 9 percent in water heating cost savings, meaning an insulation jacket can pay for itself within a year.

Installing an Insulation Jacket or Blanket

Before you head to the hardware store, ask your utility company if they offer the blankets at low prices or with rebates. If not, you can acquire one at any hardware store for under $30.

Turn off your water heater, measure the height of your water heater, and cut your insulation blanket to match the measurements. Be sure to cut out an area over the controls so you can still access them. Once the insulation is cut, it’s a simple matter of wrapping it around your water heater and taping it in place. It’s that simple! Then you can turn your water heater back on and enjoy your newfound savings.

Of course, if you don’t have any desire for a DIY project, you can always call a Largo plumber to do this job for you.


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Explaining the Mystery of Color Temperature

Although humankind survived for hundreds of thousands of years without electricity, it has now become a fact of life that we can’t function without. Due to our incredible reliance on electricity, the world’s use of fossil fuels and other natural resources has become nearly uncontrollable. Even a common traditional lightbulb usually relies on burning coal to stay lit.

Color Temperature

In 1962, one scientist’s attempt to make a semiconductor laser led to the first LED light. Within 20 years LED lights were being used in traffic lights and brake lights, and they have now become the preferred replacement for standard fluorescent and incandescent lightbulbs. Thanks to their energy efficiency, they allow people to enjoy the gift of light without damaging the environment to such extents. But the LED lightbulb comes with a mystery of its own: color temperature.

About LED Bulbs

Light-emitting diodes, known as LEDs, are more efficient, durable, and longer-lasting than standard light bulbs because they produce light so effectively. This is why LED Landscaping Tampa lights are so popular. In contrast, incandescent bulbs produce light using electricity to heat a metal filament until it becomes “white” hot, leading incandescent bulbs to release up to 90 percent of their energy as heat.

What is Color Temperature?

The “white light” of lightbulbs is described by something called color temperature, which measures the hue of the white light. It’s measured in Kelvins, named after the British physicist William Kelvin who originally developed the concept of color temperature.

Temperatures considered “warm” actually have lower temperatures. While this seems backward, the lower temperatures are considered warm because they cast a red and orange hued light that is associated with the warmth of a fire. Cool light has a higher temperature and gives off a bluer/whiter hue similar to ice.

Finding the Right LED

To place color temperature into perspective, the color temperature of the clear blue sky is about 10,000 K while a candle is roughly 1,900 K. Your biggest decision when choosing LED lighting is to decide whether you want warm light (lower color temperature) or cooler light (higher color temperature).  A conventional lamp is usually around 2,700 K, which is considered traditional warm light.

It’s ultimately your choice, but it’s most common for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways to use warm to warm white light that falls between 2,700 K and 3,000 K, while kitchens, studies, and offices need white to cool white light between 4,000 K and 5,000 K. For more about LED lights visit Decorating Elves, a Tampa landscape lighting company.

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How to Protect Your Home From Extreme Cold

If you are a homeowner in a cold climate, and especially if you are the owner of an older home in a cold climate, then you might have your winter ritual down pat. Homes need to be protected from the cold, but there’s not exactly an instruction manual on winter maintenance handed to you when you purchase a house. So what exactly are you supposed to do to prevent Frosty the Snowman from wreaking havoc on your house and causing an unwanted Ontario home insurance claim?

Prevent Frozen Pipes

frozen pipesIf temperatures dip significantly for an extended period of time, your pipes run the risk of freezing. This is such a problem because water expands when it freezes and places extreme pressure on the pipes. If your pipes burst, you suddenly have a huge plumbing nightmare and a flooded basement on your hands.

To prevent frozen pipes, you need to check for pipes exposed to the elements or those located in unheated areas like the basement, garage, or crawl space. Wrap these pipes in insulation to protect them from the low temperatures. Insulation can be purchased from a home improvement store or even done yourself with newspaper. You also want to drain any outdoor water fixtures like hoses and, if possible, turn off the water to outdoor faucets.

If the weather hits record lows and you’re concerned about your indoor pipes freezing in spite of the heat in your house, or if the electricity goes out, keep all faucets dripping water. Located the water main cut-off valve so that you can stop the water supply in an emergency.

Treat Frozen Pipes with Care

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, those pipes will freeze anyway. You’ll know this has happened if only a trickle comes out of the faucet when it is turned on. Don’t panic. Instead, keep the faucet on and apply gentle heat to the section of the pipe using an electric heating pad, hair dryer, or space heated. You could also wrap pipes in towels soaked in hot water. Continue to apply heat until the water is running normally out of the faucet. If in doubt, call a plumber! After that, call your home insurance company!

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Why You Should Invest For Remodeling Your House

It utilized to be that owners could acquire a whole new your home for under remodeling the existing a particular, though the reverse is a fact right now. An ever-increasing range of house owners are considering whole home rework jobs to produce their living areas significantly more livable.

Should you be seeking to add extra space, or make your private home far more eco-friendly and stamina successful, this is why it is a quality time and energy to spend within a home transform.

1. Decreased your home reworking expenditures. You can get alot more in your wealth by investing in a house transform now. Simply because new design is on maintain for most home owners, residential home remodeling bids are more aggressive. Market place experts say your home reworking costs lowered by 20-30% mainly because a number of years ago.

2. Less expensive, far more available house transforming items. Throughout a building growth, price of elements inflates and infrequently will cause extended delays to place remodeling initiatives seeing that suppliers are struggling to maintain up with need. Sometimes, a complete property remodel will halt owing to back-ordered items.

3. A lot quicker assignment timelines. With even more obtainable items, and obtainable designers and contractors, an entire property transform may get concluded more rapidly now than the usual couple yrs ago. The days of 12-18 month waiting durations and delays leaving remodels half-finished are more than.

4. Cut fees on stamina expenses. Many homeowners have struggled over the past handful of yrs to lower the price of heating and cooling their homes as a consequence of soaring vigor bills. At the same exact time, there have actually been cutting-edge innovations in energy-efficient place layout. Acquire advantage of these new technologies for ones entire property rework, and you will lower your long-term bills regarding powering your house.

5. Taxes will not get you sideswiped. Many owners fail to take into account that a complete dwelling rework that growing the worth of one’s property also raises your property taxes. With residential home values remaining small proper now, but, your entire household rework just isn’t in all likelihood to considerably have an effect on your assets taxes – as a minimum not right until the industry picks up all over again.

6. It won’t be described as a remodeler’s advertise eternally. Even though the present market disorders are ideal for household remodeling, the construction community will in due course get better. The financial state is in recovery and homeowners’ budgets are loosening; there isn’t any purpose to delay your full property remodel.

7. Marketing shall be simpler and easier when tides convert. When the real estate property marketplace finally improves, you can get benefit of it by rising the worth of your household now. If you hold out on performing a whole property transform, you possibly can get caught unprepared if ever the sector does flip. You furthermore mght would probably unearth dwelling designers are overworked and can not finish your challenge inside of your timeline. Moreover, customers could presume that the transform was accomplished for a super quick sale, but an entire property remodel completed several years back just would make your house take a look effectively cared-for. It happens to be the perfect time to pull out your home rework plans and start constructing your desire house.

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Home Remodeling Tips For You – Getting Started

Dwelling reworking is definitely a rather daily function which the residence homeowners undertake. It is real for I am aware that every one of us wanted our homes to look and feel nicer and content to are living. So for people who are believing for home transforming, listed here some ideas to facilitate you in your home transforming.


House Develop At first a great many families believe on what way will their property appear nicer and what’s the viable design and style which could in shape with the natural and organic aura for the place. The approach of design and style for house transforming with this feeling is available in. So with the design and style for residential home transforming you should make a decision if you want to rent an architect, an inside designer, as well as other your home remodeling masters to produce your home reworking recommendations.

It is necessary to bear in mind for that style for place remodeling that you could afford and also you extremely sense secure. A specific understanding while using household transforming contractor is incredibly integral for any sound work. And make a final choice for your several spending plan to your residence transforming and keep it up. Implementation In such a step in your family home transforming, make sure you prepare and investigation your own home remodeling pattern with your contractor for just about any creative ideas that may allow you in your house remodeling regardless of whether with regards to the flow or concerning the expenses. And after that pick out substances and programs to your residence remodeling assignment.

If at all possible make an attempt to select to begin with people supplies to your property transforming undertaking that is definitely required to start with and those that would need more than enough time. Some time to the place remodeling contractor to come up with a in-depth building agenda and strategies and to get some building crews needs to also be granted consideration. Consultation It really is crucial that in each individual household transforming assignment, there should really be a consultation relating to the house proprietor, the house reworking contractor and his employment resource site supervisor, the architect or designer, some other construction users who’ll be operating with your family home transforming assignment.

During this circumstance, it’s essential to choose take note many of the imperative matters involved in your private home remodeling undertaking and ship memos for any practical improvements from your first strategy. It is actually vital that you choose to established ground principles for ones dwelling remodeling venture in between you and your household transforming contractor or perhaps the job-site supervisor, and when conceivable attempt to think that for the communication strategy that can unquestionably take area involving you and your place remodeling contractor and also the other important and vital people beneath your home transforming mission.

The typical mentioned major communicate with person could be the job-site supervisor. Should you are basically major with the residential home reworking job, then you may want to concentrate to every data or feedback or concerns about your own home reworking mission. Last of all, the information for location up some things in your home reworking assignment have to also be taken into account. Get absent the private important things in the performing area and if likely you are trying to place up a temporary mini kitchen in an additional aspect on the residence. And in your place transforming, endeavor to set up some trash bins, transportable bathroom, and construction fence for considerably better movement. And make room for giant possessions which happen to be sent at this stage.

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