Helpful Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer, and all of the heat it brings to southern states, is right around the corner. If you are a homeowner, that means you are finishing up your spring lawn care routines that set the stage for healthy grass, and you’re beginning to prepare for the careful upkeep of your grass required to avoid a brown, lifeless lawn by July. It does take more than just mowing to ensure your grass remains vibrant, and these tips can help you. Or, you can call a local Tampa lawn care service company to help.

summer lawn care

Reminders About Grass in the Summer
The heat of summer places enormous stress on grass, as do all of those picnics you’re bound to throw and homemade waterslides your kids are likely to enjoy in the backyard. Turf grass will naturally want to hibernate until summer has passed, especially cool weather grass that prefers temperatures in the 60s and 70s. This makes it all the more important to understand how your grass thrives and which pampering methods will provide true results.

Water Well
You can’t simply stick a sprinkler in your yard, run a few errands, and come home to turn the water off. Watering during the summer requires a bit more craft. Make sure your grass receives one inch of water per week, and more during heatwaves. Rather than guessing on the amount, purchase a rain gauge to track water from both rainfall and sprinkler systems.

It’s better to water deeply, but less frequently, so your grass will develop roots tolerant to droughts, especially in hot climates. All watering should occur in the morning, to give the water time to evaporate. Grass watered at night accumulates moisture that often leads to the growth of fungus. Not exactly what you’re looking for!

Mow with Purpose
Just like watering, mowing needs to be strategic. Don’t cut your grass as short in the summer, since longer grass can stave off drought more efficiently, grow roots down deep, and prevent weeds from springing up. You can even mulch your grass clippings to keep consistent grass moisture levels.

If you’re struggling with your lawn and unsure how to keep it healthy through the summer, contact a professional lawn and Tampa pest control company to help guide you through the process.