Outdoor Lighting: Where Should You Start?

If your home or business lacks any type of outdoor lighting scheme, you may be struggling with how to start the process. Outdoor lighting can be installed in so many different ways based on your vision and specific needs, so it’s wise to hire a professional Tampa outdoor lighting company to evaluate the exterior of your home, recommend the best lighting techniques, and install everything with expert hands.  

An Illuminated Entranceway

Your entranceway is, literally, the door to your home, so you want it to make a clear statement of an open, welcome atmosphere. Otherwise, your guests will stand in the dark while they wait for you to answer the door, and you’ll peer out the window to see nothing at all. Outdoor lighting around an entranceway should remain gentle so visitors don’t feel like they are being interrogated with a spotlight, so avoid any fluorescent overheads. Instead, your landscape design company in Tampa can give you tips on the best subtle uplighting techniques that fit your home’s specific architecture.

Start with the Stairs

Any home with stairs outside automatically looks regal, and the right outdoor lighting can emphasize this focal point for an even more attractive look. But lighting your stairs goes beyond curb appeal and also helps to keep you and your guests safe at night. Try lining each step with LED lights; this will create a beautiful appearance while also helping visitors to safely navigate the area.

Give Ambiance To Your Walkways

Once the entrance and stairs are lit, turn your attention to your walkways. Have you ever passed a home at night and simply stared in awe? Chances are, that house had professionally installed outdoor lighting that strategically highlighted certain elements of the house to bring out its beauty at night. Walkway lighting is a reliable way to do that to your own home. You can use ground lights, staggered luminaries, or other pathway lights to illuminate the path to your door.

By accomplishing all of these ideas–and more!–with the help of an experienced outdoor lighting company, you can enjoy all of the beauty without worrying about the work!