Tricks to Keep Your Pet Cool in Hot Weather

The summer is an incredible season that we can thank for lazy days at the beach, melting ice cream cones, and ferris wheel rides. But summer also brings with it the hot, humid weather that can be so dangerous for children and the elderly. It’s important to remember that your pet is also sensitive to the heat and needs to be cared for accordingly.

Why Pets Get Overheated
Dogs and cats are susceptible to hyperthermia says Katherine Gene, a Tampa vetrinarian. Hyperthermia which occurs when the environment provides too much heat for the body to process. Dogs with sensitive respiratory tracts, like bulldogs, can’t efficiently remove heat by panting, and the process ultimately creates more heat that can lead to heat stroke. Overheated pets start to pant heavily with increased heart rate and drooling. These tips can help you prevent your pet from becoming uncomfortably hot so that he can enjoy the sun!

Use Outdoor Time Strategically
When the thermostat shows high temperatures, limit your pet’s outdoor play time to early morning and late afternoon or evening. With the sun lower in the sky and less intense, the heat won’t impact your dog so much and he can stay safe. Since asphalt gets so hot, it can burn your dog’s paws, so stay on the grass when possible. Of course, carry water to prevent dehydration!

Shade Instead of Fans
Humans rely on fans during uncomfortable summer weather, but pets don’t respond to fans the same way since they sweat through their feet. Instead of counting on a fan to keep your pet nice and cool, provide enough shade, cold water, and even cold surfaces like tile for your dog or cat to curl up on.

Try a Body Cooling Wrap
There are some really neat pieces of clothing available for dogs that can soak in cold water to cool your dog down without actually getting him wet. If you live in climate where hot temperatures dominate, this could be a great investment.

It only takes a few tricks to make sure that your dog or cat is never suffering from summer temperatures. If your animal is suffering, visit our Tampa vet clinic today.

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